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Cultivating confidence
and building belonging

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Our Services

We are not interested in optics-focused diversity and inclusion. We are here to help our clients catalyze real transformation in building cultures of belonging into which each person can bring more of their true and best self.


We meet our clients where they are at in this journey and help guide them to where they need and want to be.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

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Owning Your Value & Busting Imposter Syndrome

Our showcase Owning Your Value programs empower individuals to recognize, disrupt, and prevent Imposter Syndrome and internalized bias and cultivate their evidence-based confidence. These programs also empower orgs, leaders, and managers to contribute to cultures that reduce instead of feed Imposter Syndrome. 

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Busting Bias & Building Belonging

Our Busting Bias & Building Belonging programs champion belonging as a core human need and help orgs shift from a top-down traditional diversity & inclusion lens to a bottom-up belonging lens through which the lived experiences and perspectives of each individual in an org are heard and valued. These programs identify and address one of the biggest barriers to belonging: bias.


Team Trust

Our Team Trust programs explore the common foundation of many models of highly effective teams: trust and psychological safety. These programs teach teams how to establish greater trust, guide them through trust self-assessments, and culminate in trust-building action plans.

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Wellness, Resilience, and Self-Care

Our Wellness, Resilience, and Self-Care programs help orgs and individuals prioritize wellness and build reasonable yet effective plans in support of their overall well-being.

Our Clients Include

What Our Clients Say

Tzung-lin Fu

VP of Legal Programs

Neha's training was both cerebral and personal, inspirational and practical, engaging and interactive, information-packed and hands-on. If you have the opportunity to hear Neha speak, or better yet, engage her to train at your organization or speak on your panel, DO IT! I can’t say enough great things about how wonderful this experience has been!

DEI Team

Neha’s keynote for our firm was impactful and incredibly engaging! She tackled topics that were important for people to hear and explained them in a direct and clear way for people to understand. Not only did Neha provide a safe space at the fireside chat following the keynote, she also provided concrete examples and exercises of how to mitigate Imposter Syndrome and build confidence. Neha used her expertise to help us start a conversation at our firm that empowered many, and we look forward to future opportunities when we can partner with her again!

Jamie Woolf

Leadership Development Manager

Neha has a unique combination of skills - she is a personable, warm, and insightful coach whom people trust, and she is a valued thought partner, drawing on her years of experience working with diverse populations. She has a deep understanding of the complexities of leadership and organizational systems. She is smart, passionate, and the kind of person that inspires big thinking.


"If you're always trying to be normal,

you will never know how amazing you can be."

Dr. Maya Angelou

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