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Cultivating Confidence by Tackling Imposter Syndrome - WorkVision Consulting vodcast with Jocelyn Thompson

Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself with Neha Sampat - Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself vodcast with Jennifer Sherwood

Owning Your Value: with Neha Sampat - Dreammakers podcast with Neha Sampat

Neha Sampat on Owning Your Value - More Than a Podcast with Tara Jaye Frank

Owning Your Value with Neha Sampat - On a Mission podcast with Molleen Dupree-Dominguez

How to Create Belonging and Bust Imposter Syndrome with Neha Sampat - Courage Up podcast with Ming Shelby

Busting Imposter Syndrome with Neha Sampat - Mom Life & Law podcast with Megan Whiteside

Wonder Woman in Business, Neha Sampat - Freeman Means Business podcast with Susan Freeman

Busting Imposter Syndrome - The Women's Advocate podcast with Sarah Nichols

The Most Important Piece of Diversity Work: Belonging (with Neha Sampat) - Nonprofits Are Messy podcast with Joan Garry

Neha Sampat: Belonging, Owning Your Value, & Uniquely Qualified - Heels of Justice podcast with Sarita Venkat and Katherine Minarik

Recognizing and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Unconscious Bias - Gen Why Lawyer podcast with Karima Gulick

Imposter Syndrome: The Mindset and Culture That is Plaguing Lawyers - The Resilient Lawyer podcast with Jeena Cho

Why Creating a Sense of Belonging is Crucial in Today's Workplace with Neha Sampat - Leaders Love Company podcast with Nicole Abboud-Shayan



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